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K-5 Workshop Information

Each three hour workshop will be fill with fun, hands-on activities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  Also included are large movement games, team building and a snack.

The full day workshop includes additional hands-on activities in the theme of the day.  From 12-1pm there will be a supervised lunch break.  You send your own lunch.

During extended day, children will have the opportunity to explore though play with additional logic and strategy games, puzzles, team building and open ended STEM explorations.

PreK Workshop Information

Each day in our PreK workshops will have different activities!  All the activities are specially designed for 3-5 years with a variety or science, crafts and movement.  2017 themes are: STEM Careers and “Sense”sational STEM

Grades 6-8 Workshop Information

Gadget Design Club (1:00pm-4:00pm)  Different open-ended design projects each day!  Or choose to work on an extended length project.  Projects include: Hydraulic Judo Bots, Stop Motion Shorts, DIY Carnival, Wooden Cars, and more.


For information about groupings, food, refund policy and more, please see Winter Break FAQ

Noggin Builders Winter Break Workshops 2017

Grades K-5:
Half-day 9:00am-12:00pm ($50 per day)
Full-day 9:00am-4:00pm ($90 per day)

PreK (Ages 3-5 years):
9:30am-11:30am ($30 per day)

Grades 6-8:
Half-day 1:00pm-4:00pm ($50 per day)

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Grades K-2 Themes & Details

(Projects listed may vary)

Cupcake Wars

Teams work together to bake, decorate, and present themed cupcakes. Of course everyone’s a winner when they eat them!

Fairy Tale STEM

Travel to a fairy tale world through the eyes of STEM.  Help Rapunzel get down from her tower, build a bed for the heaviest bear, and design a golden egg parachute for Jack.

Famous Scientists

Jacques Cousteau, Isaac Newton, Louie Pasteur – these famous scientists and others have something in common with you, they loved to explore!

LEGO Adventures

Build problem solving skills using LEGO bricks.  Create a marble maze, explore symmetry, and let your imagination soar as you design new worlds using LEGO bricks.

Miles of Reptiles

Explore how reptiles hide, glide, stick to walls, and drink.  Plus, visit with Noggin Builders’ favorite pet bearded dragon!

Playdough Circuits

Make your own conductive and insulating play dough.  Then use this dough to design and build your own “squishy” circuits.

Science of Art (K-2nd)

Be inspired with unique crafts that also explore science.  Explore the art of rainbows, colorful chemical reactions, and chromatography.

Snow & Ice

Ice melting and temperature experiments, “snowball” launching, and snow prints make this day of frozen adventures – super “cool”!

Space Explorers

Blast off into outer space as we explore planets, constellations and space travel.

Grades 3-5 Themes & Details

(Projects listed may vary)

Amazing STEM Race

Teamwork is the key to this high-energy workshop!  Race through challenges like building a device to carry a can across the room or creating the longest bridge that can balance on two balls.

Building with Wood

Create your own wooden toy car from scratch (half-day) and design wooden peg art and a hanging picture frame (full-day).

Cool Chemistry

Explore states of matter with dry ice, experiment with secret substances, and use chemical reactions to create propulsion.

Cupcake Wars

Teams work together to bake, decorate, and present themed cupcakes. Of course everyone’s a winner when they eat them!


Fascinating egg tricks, an egg drop, and an egg car crash design fill this “egg”citing day!

Electrical Designs

Use electricity in unique ways – create an electric Wire Loop Maze game (half-day) and design art using foil and electricity (full-day).

Science of Art (3rd-8th)

Be inspired with unique crafts that also explore science.  Test different resist materials, create 3D structures and crystal art.

Pneumatics & Springs

We’ll explore how both pneumatics and elastic energy can create motion.  Design a pneumatic machine (half-day) and a spring powered car (full-day).

Rube Goldberg

Design and build your own Rube Goldberg machines using levers, pulleys, wheels and other complex machine systems.  How crazy will your contraptions be?